Day 10: Taking Care of What You Got.

Day 10:  Take care of what you got.

For many years we have been told that 80% of growth in a community comes from your existing business.  I would argue that in most communities that percentage is much higher.  I cant stress enough the importance of taking care of your local businesses.  You should devote as much time as you can to assist these businesses in any way.  You should really make the effort to get to know the lead contact of your major employers.  Invite them to dinner or lunch; watch a sport, etc.  You want to be the person they call when they have an issue or need more information.  During the first month on the job you should be attempting to visit with each company.  Ask them if they would like to attend a Business Roundtable every other month.  This allow them to meet the other employers and in most cases discover that they are not alone.  Of course, you should purchase a BR&E software such as  This software does a great job of providing the right questions to ask during the visit.  You will have a lot of success at your job if you focus on the local folks.  Next:  What are my targets?

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