Day 101: Rankings

Day 101: Rankings:  One of the sessions at IEDC was about rankings.  At one point one of the speakers discussed that he had gone back and looked at the rankings over several years.  He was surprised that Provo, UT, Des Moines, IA and Tulsa, OK has continuously come in at the top for several years.  He said they probably should change what they were looking at for rankings.  I live in Des Moines.  I was slightly offended by the comment.  They set up the criteria.  No one is cooking the numbers.  These communities have obviously been working on the right issues and deserve some recognition.  Just because they weren’t Austin or Charlotte, or Houston, does not make them great communities.  I don’t take that much stock in rankings until one of our clients gets the recognition and then we think it is great!  Hee!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, rankings don’t really help that much, but they certainly don’t hurt!  Next:  Do I get distracted?

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