Day 106: What Do You Do When Someone Lets You Down?

Day 106:  What do you do when someone lets you down?  Now this may be a weird topic, but it happens to all of us.  I try to not disappoint, but sometimes things are out of our control.  And, always remember that if someone you work with disappointed you, it most likely was not intentional.  This week, I had a person tell someone else that they were going to work on something, when he and I had agreed that I was in charge of this activity.  I have no idea what is going on.  But I am getting old enough; I am not going to make any assumptions.  The next time I see him, I will ask him if I misunderstood our agreement.  He may say, what are you talking about?  He may say, my boss told me I had to do this, or he may say, yea, I didn’t like our agreement so I decided to do my own thing.  Until I know the answer I really shouldn’t react.  This person has pushed several buttons but it is more important to get along than to make a big deal about something when the well fare of a community is involved.  There are things bigger than us.  Actually most things are more important than us little people.  Perspective.  It is so important to keep perspective and when you are dealing with the growth of a community, you can’t let petty personal issues get in the way.  You have to look at the bigger picture all the time.  I can point to many communities that have not done well because the different organizations fight with each other.  Step back, take a breath and ask is what I am doing inspiring and good?  Next:  Team building

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