Day 107: Team Building

Day 107: Team building:  This is not a talk about sitting around the fire singing.  But this is about truly working to build a team.  For your organization to be successful, you need to have everyone on your team singing the same song.  I am not saying you need people that are saying yes to everything.  But your board and staff must put the greater good of the organization and the community first.  It is important that you hire the right people and get the right people on the board.  In my earlier posts I talked about how to find the right people.  There are many ways people will buy into the program.  The strategic plan should be discussed and approved by your board.  Since they were part of the planning process they will buy into the plan.  They should create a Vision.  This Vision will help to bring everyone together.  Besides the formal way of creating unity, try to plan something fun or just sharing a meal with the board and staff.  I respect that some of you don’t believe in socializing with your board and staff.  But, it is important to make connections.  We are all people and you all have the same common good, to build the wealth of your citizens.  Next:  Should you be concerned with your citizens wealth?

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