Day 109: How Do I Improve the Lives of Our Residents?

Day 109:  How do I improve the lives of our residents?  In yesterday’s post I asked if you are improving the lives of the residents.  So, I would assume you would than ask how do I do that?  Historically economic development has been about creating jobs. Whenever we work with clients we tell them to be focused.  They can’t be all things to all people.  But this broad question I just asked sort of muddies the water.  Or does it?  If the overarching mission is to increase the wealth of your citizens, how do you do that?  Any great organization has a strong vision, mission, goals and strategies.  So your goals and strategies are how you get to the ideal world of increasing the wealth of your residents.  You do this by improving your “product” the community.  Does it have proper housing, infrastructure, good government, etc.  Are you friendly to business?  Do you have a great way to tell your story?  Do you have an environment that allows people to fail so they can succeed?  All of the answers to these questions leads to increasing the wealth of your residents.  So, Ed Burghard and we agree that everything you do should pass the “increased resident wealth” test.  Next:  Can I communicate too much?

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