Day 11: What are My Targets?

Day 11:  What are my targets?  It is important to focus your resources and time so that you are not trying to be all things to all people.  ED groups get pulled lots of different directions.  Everyone has an opinion on what types of businesses should be locating in your respective community.  At SSG, we encourage our clients to set goals and work a plan.  A part of the plan should be to identify the best businesses that fit your community or region.  Every place has certain resources that others may not.  Do you have a river, railroad, four lane interstate?   Do you have a lot of hunting in your area?  Is it mostly farm ground?  All of these can be positive attributes and you need to use these resources to attract businesses or build the business you already have.  As I write this several states are changing laws that affect gun manufacturers.  If your state is gun friendly a law, or lack of one can be a benefit.  Here is an interesting article that outlines the benefits of being friendly to a certain type of industry that was in the Des Moines Register.  We are not taking a side on the gun issue.  This is just an excellent example of how you can take advantage of the resources given to you that may not have been intentioned. 

We encourage our clients to have at least three targeted industries.  Cynics say that all the targets end up being the same.  We try very hard to find the best fit for our clients.  We feel it is important to look at the skills of your workforce as well as the local resources.  Once you have your targets, you can then decide how best to reach them and get to know that industry better, so you can meet their needs.  Stop what you are doing and focus on some targets.  Next:  Do I need a strategic plan?

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