Day 110: Can I Communicate Too Much?

Day 110:  Can I communicate too much?   This will be a short post.  No.  ……  All right, I will expound a little more.  Back to great organizations have great plans.  Great organizations also follow the great plans.  But the best organizations tell everyone what they have done.  I fall into the trap a lot that I don’t want to bother anyone, or, no one is reading this.  The latter may be true.  But the important people in your organization are reading it.  Of course make it interesting and brief and they will more likely read it.  You don’t have to write a novel.  Unfortunately bullet points are the preferred method.  My other two business partners are much better writers than me.  But they tend to write a lot more than needs to be written (I’m testing to see if they ever read my posts)  You should be able to relay your message in one paragraph, maybe two.  But back to the frequency.  You should communicate with your members/investors at the least weekly.  Give them a way to opt out.  But if you are doing great things, you will have plenty to write.  If you are reading this and say I have nothing to write about, than I would encourage you to dust off your resume because one of these days the board will be asking you to find another place to work (or in this case not work).  If you are doing stuff.  There is plenty to write about.  Next:  How’s your money holding up?

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