Day 111: How’s Your Money Holding Up?

Day 111: How’s your money holding up?  Smart Solutions Group spends a lot of time with smaller economic development organizations.  They tend to not have very much money to spend beyond what they pay the staff.  Does this sound like your organization?  I am perplexed why organizations accept the problem of not enough money as ok.  They seem to think they can’t raise the money.  But it really doesn’t matter the size of the organization.  Most economic development organizations operate in a lack of abundance mentality.  I am a huge Steven Covey fan.  His Fifth Habit is Win/Win.  In this habit he discusses the Abundance Mentality.  You need to change the way you think about things.  There is plenty of whatever you are trying to do for everybody.  He uses the example of a pie.  Some people take the view the pie is only so big and has so many pieces.  Steven Covey asks us to make the pie BIGGER!  So, don’t be hampered by lack of money.  If you are doing great things using a great plan.  The money will be easy to get.  The pie will get bigger!  Next:  How do I raise more money?

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