Day 112: How Do I Raise More Money?

Day 112: How do I raise more money?  On Day 13 I discussed this topic.  We suggest you hire a firm to raise the money for you.  Convergent Non Profit Solutions does a great job.  But let’s say you have hired them and they have raised the money.  Will this be the only time you hire them?  Probably not.  But if you take the money you raise and don’t do anything with it or pay it all to staff, you should not hope to ever go out and ask for money again.  The best way to raise money is to be a successful organization.  Your organization is successful, a team player and gets results.  So, when you raise the money, follow that great plan, build success and communicate the results.  If you work hard and raise the wealth of your citizens you will never have trouble raising money again!  I promise.  Day 113:  Public or Private?

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