Day 118: Why Shovel Ready Sites?

Day 118:  Why shovel ready sites?  In the past ten years the concept of certified sites has picked up steam.  Several states have certified site programs.  Some of these programs are massive while other states just require minimum data.  I guess it doesn’t matter much how detailed the program is in my mind.  Since we do some site selection work, we do agree that the more services to a site, the better.  If you have the financial resources to get all services to the property line of a site, you will have a huge advantage.  If you are reading this, and thinking to yourself, there is no way my city will take on that expense, I understand.  However, I can’t stress how very important it is to have a site that is ready to go today.  But you have to start somewhere.  The very first step is control of the land.  Once you have identified a good location for an industrial/commercial site you need to make sure there is either a cooperative landowner or you own the land.  Even if the landowner is cooperative, you must purchase an option.  I am constantly amazed how many communities don’t have a set price on a piece of land.  Never, and I repeat NEVER list a site or building as “negotiable”.  Pick a price and go with it.  Everyone knows price is negotiable but it builds confidence if you have a starting point.  Get an option on the land, set a price and you will have a big piece of the puzzle started.  Next:  Are you a trusted partner?

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