Day 119: Are You a Trusted Partner?

Day 119:  Are you a trusted partner?  Today I went to a state sponsored session about existing business.  There was a panel made up of some local economic developers and one company.  The company spoke about a recent expansion that they had gone through.  While he was speaking he talked about always looking for trusted business partners.  He said that after they completed their recent expansion he now considers the state economic development agency and his local economic development association trusted partners.  Wow!  To be called a trusted partner is the highest compliment an economic development organization can get!  What a great testimonial.  It’s really pretty simple to get these compliments.  It requires staying in constant contact with your businesses.  Discovering their dreams and needs and then helping them achieve those dreams.  So, my challenge to you today is to make those visits and build those relationships now!  Next:  When should economic development be public?

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