Day 123: What can I Offer Start-Ups?

Day 123:  What can I offer start-ups?  It’s really very simple.  Offer start-ups your support.  Be able to help them find the resources they need faster.  It goes back to knowing all your key players.  A successful business can access the right people.  It’s all about connecting.  This includes sources of money and technical assistance.  You need to know where the money is and who has the expertise in certain fields.  You don’t have to be the expert in anything.  You just need to know who is.  I own two very small businesses.  It is really hard to find the time to get out and make connections with the people I really need to know.  I don’t mean clients, I mean lawyers, accountants, software providers, etc.  Your organization should have a great list so I can just call your office and you can give me some names.  If you want to have a revolving loan fund, that is excellent and I would encourage you to start one.  But it might take awhile to get one started, so in meantime, find the easy things to pull together like resources.  Next: How do I find my experts?

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