Day 124: How Do I Find My Experts?

Day 124:  How do I find my experts?  I have written several similar posts on this topic.  But now I am talking about finding experts, not community leaders.  However, they could be both.  But start up businesses need several different experts.  Most don’t even know what they need.  Just this past week, I was talking to a friend that is thinking about starting a business.  As I asked her questions about potential customers and pricing, it was obvious she had no idea how to come up with some of these numbers.  In this case, it would be hard to find some of this information from an expert, because the expert most likely will be a competitor.  But she is in the health industry and I suggested she contact some health insurance companies and get some great information about pricing and client numbers.  There are good sources, you just need to be creative.  Our business is all about making connections.  But you need to study and be familiar with the resources you have in your area.  Next:  How do I find the start-ups?

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