Day 125: How Do I Find These Start-ups?

Day 125:  How do I find the start-ups?  No matter the size of your community it can be hard to identify the start-ups.  But there are several ways.  First, is you need to find one.  Typically that one start-up knows of other start-ups in the community and they can help you.  The search becomes organic after you begin to contact a couple of the start-ups.  After you have identified five to ten, invite them into a room together and ask them to give you a list of other start-ups.  You will be shocked with how many names end up on the list.  It is important to find a way for all of them to communicate online.  Through this online communication, the list will keep getting bigger.  Start-up companies tend to know where the other start-ups are.  It is truly a community.   The tough part is keeping them engaged as a group.  Your organization must offer them something that will be helpful to their business such as online resources, events, experts, etc.  This all can be overwhelming.  But there are resources out there to help you get organized in the entrepreneurial world in your community.  Next:  How do I organize these start-ups?

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