Day 126: How Do I Organize These Start-Ups?

Day 126:  How do I organize these start-ups?  Here is a shameless plug for our entrepreneurial eco-system called Evisthrive,  There are other systems out there but this is probably one of the few that is affordable, comprehensive and sustainable.  It builds a system for you to reach the start-ups and offer them useful tools.  It first helps you identify nine coordinators from the small business world that will help you to facilitate the eco-system.  Then there is a comprehensive training and ongoing direction from us for the first ninety days.  After ninety days you will have a system that could almost run on auto pilot.  That is because the entrepreneurs/small businesses have taken ownership and they run with the program.  The program will introduce the businesses to investors, mentors, and other experts.  The program is designed to make money for everyone including the sponsoring organization.  Next: Help is on the way.

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