Day 131: Dashboards

Day 131:  Dashboards:  I have heard some say dashboards are trendy.  I don’t know why they would say that other than maybe they don’t want to be measured to make sure they are doing their jobs.  Sorry.  We like dashboards.  We even developed a product called EDashboard.  It is an app but can also be posted on your website.  I am not trying to sell this product.   I am just explaining we think it is important so we developed a way to easily show off your data.  On Day 65 I offered things to measure.  But should you tell the world how you are doing with these measures?  I say yes.  Transparency is good for an economic development organization.  You can’t discuss projects so you should try to be transparent in other areas, like you goals and objectives.  Take your website and find a spot to tell people how you are doing as an organization.  Create you won dashboard or hire us.  As I say in most of my posts, just do it.  Next: Why is the media important in my community?

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