Day 133: How Important are Web Analytics

Day 133:  How important are web analytics.  Or, maybe the better question is what do you do with the analytics you have.  The best reason to have analytics is to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing programs and website.  Everything you do should cause the business to go to your website, or gasp, pick up the phone and call you.  When you start your marketing plan you should have a base point of how many “visitors” you have to your site.  Set a goal of how many you would like to see visiting you site weekly.  We try to put out an e-newsletter every two weeks.   Our web visitor number jumps up dramatically after every email for a couple of days.  So, obviously the e-newsletter is driving traffic to our website.  Also, in your analytics you can see where people are visiting you from.  If there is a certain geographic area you have been targeting, than you want to see more visitors from that area.  For further help, we encourage you to use our strategic partner, Turner Marketing to help you more.  We use both Google Analytics and Clicky to monitor our website.  Next:  What am I thankful for?

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