Day 136: Should Our Community Have an App?

Day 136:  Should our community have an app?  Well since we create apps, the answer is yes!  Seriously, an app is not for everyone.  We have two off the shelf apps that you can check out at and .  Today, I will focus on the EDisplay app.  This app is designed to show off your community for only $1000.  Let’s say you are sitting in someone’s office or booth and they have never been to your community you can show the highlights of your area on your tablet.  You can then walk away and tell them it was an app and they can download it to their tablet.  This will make an impression.  There are very few economic development organizations in the market currently.  We created the first one!  We think that websites will be the thing of the past in five years.  Everyone will be moving to the app platform. The first step in deciding if you need an app is to make sure it fits in with your business plan.  Are you making a lot of calls on businesses outside of the area?  Do you have a lot of branch locations?  Should someone at corporate headquarters of your branches have the app available?  Do you have a lot of board members that are dealing with businesses every day that could be encouraged to locate to your area?  It would be great for the board person to have the app on their tablet so they can show off the advantages of your area.  There are lots of uses for an app but at this time, there has not been a strong embrace for apps.  So maybe your community could be a leader in this form of marketing?  Next:  How do I create an app?

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