Day 138: How Do I Prospect for Companies?

Day 138:  How do I prospect for companies?  Everything you read is that prospecting is passé in the economic development world.  It is a tough business and takes a lot of resources.  But there is a relatively simple formula:  Identify the skills of your labor force; research the wages; then look at the wages of other communities that have the industry you are targeting.  If you have a wage advantage, you should start building relations with these companies.  Attend the trade shows where they may be; set up a visit; attend a conference that they may be attending.  Wow, really pretty simple.  Or at least it sounds simple.  There is a lot of research involved.  Of course we can do that for you!  But if you follow this formula, you will have success.  My gift to you on this holiday season.  Next:  Can I prospect on my own?

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