Day 139: Can I Prospect on My Own?

Day 139:  Can I prospect on my own?  Sure you can.  But it does take time.  There are firms out there that can provide full service recruiting.  I know of some, but don’t want to leave anyone out, so will not list them.  These firms will find your targets; contact the businesses;  attend the trade shows; set up appointments.  But you have to close.  While all of the other things takes time.  Closing is the most important.  Only your organization can make the close of locating a business.  You have to negotiate incentives, show the property, etc.  So you must prepared to close.  When a business visits, always ask for the sale at the end of the visit.  You end by saying, “thank you for visiting our community. Please let us know if you have any questions.  Please know you would be a welcome addition to our business community.  We hope you choose us for your next location.”  Don’t forget this important piece.  Next:  What are the key steps to selling?

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