Day 140: What are the Keys Steps to Selling?

Day 140:  What are the key steps to selling?  If you have read my earlier posts you know we want you to look at your community as a product.  As a product, selling your community is really not any different that selling software.  But, I will grant you it can be a little harder.  The number of potential “clients” is very small compared to a mass market product.  But the sales exercise is still the same.  You will just have fewer successes.  The first step which I have outlined several times in prior posts is to determine your market.  What kinds of businesses do you want?  Then you need to determine the best way to reach those businesses.  Next, you need to begin building relationships with those businesses.  During this relationship building process you need to listen carefully and completely understand the businesses needs and wants.  Then you need to effectively communicate you can meet those needs and wants.  Sounds simple, right?  But it isn’t.  This process is what gets economic development professionals in trouble.  It takes a long time to build those strong relationships.  In todays world, people want instant gratification.  Your board wanted results yesterday.  I wish I had a magic answer.  But it all comes to communication.  Telling the board  where you are in the sales process will help you in the long run with your board.  If you have a good board.  Lastly in the sales process is closing the sale.  You have to eventually ask the business if they are interested, if they haven’t already expressed interest.  If they do express interest, do what it takes to make the location happen!  Next:  Holidays are a time for reflection.

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