Day 24: What Should My Typical Day Look Like?

Day 24:  What should my typical day look like?  You are about a month into the new job,  you have figured out who you should be collaborating with, meeting with, keeping happy, learning about and finding the coffee pot.  So a typical day was said tongue in cheek.  There really isn’t a typical day.   That’s what makes this job fun.  But, here are some things you should do every day, no matter what:

Talk to an existing business.  Get out of the office and meet with an existing business.  If you do this most every day, you will have a job for life in the community.  These can either be a quick phone call or a full blown business visit with survey in hand.

Communicate with a key investor or board member every day.  There is always something important to visit about.

Review the strategic plan and make sure the plan is moving ahead.

Take a break from the office.  Go for a walk in the park.  Research has shown that spending time in nature is both refreshing and sharpens your thoughts.

Do something nice for a community partner.  The other day I was in the office and the chamber exec was obviously having a horrible day.  I stopped what we were doing and I took her out for ice cream for a half hour.  I think she appreciated it and it made me feel good by doing something nice.

Make sure your online presence is the way you want it.

Do some research.  Either on an existing business or prospective business.

Make sure you site and building inventory is up to date.  While you may not need to do this every day, do it at least once/week.

Did I say communicate?  Communicate.

Spend time with friends or family in the evening and relax.  We seem to be too connected anymore and all we do is work.  Take a break from the electronics and enjoy your family or friends.  Next:  How do I handle bad situations?

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