Day 26: A Tribute to Bill Krause

Day 26: A tribute to Bill Krause: I was to talk about local politics but today I want to take a moment and say a special word about one of my mentors.  My first job out of college was the Executive Director of the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development.  I managed two boards, the chamber and the economic development boards.  The President of the Economic Development Board was Bill Krause, cofounder of Kum & Go Convenience Stores.  My wife worked for his bank holding group too, so we had a lot of interaction with the Krause family.  On Wednesday, June 19, 2013 Bill Krause passed away.  Bill was inspiring, a leader and a shrewd business person.  The company grew fast.  I learned leadership and being decisive by observing Bill.  Thank you Bill for all that you did to make the community and state a better place and for being a part of my life in my younger years.  God rest your soul.  Next:  How do I handle politics?

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