Day 29: Putting Things in Perspective

Day 29:  Put things in Perspective:  I was supposed to talk about how to deal with challenging board member situations.  But, my Uncle Harold passed away Sunday morning.  The funeral will be in a couple of days and it caused me to reflect on things.  The purpose of this blog is to help an economic development professional handle the day to day activities.  With the loss of a loved one it is a good time to challenge us all to make sure our priorities are right.  Sure, we need to be a provider to our family financially.  But several years ago money did not become a driver for me anymore.  Spending quality time with my family became my priority.  Having dinner as a family most every night of the week is a goal.  It is certainly not achievable, but we probably eat at least five times/ week as a family.  Make sure you are caring for yourself and nurturing the important relationships.  The job won’t take care of you when you are old, but your spuse or child will.  But more important than worrying about who is taking care of you, make sure you are caring for others in your family.  Be happy.  Do what you love.  I have made bad choices in life.  Still do.  But the one choice I never regret is to love my family and friends.  I try to keep and build those relationships.  My Uncle Harold was a kind and happy man.  I think he did what he wanted to in life.  He was retired for 34 years! Next:  How do I handle a challenging board member?

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