Day 30: How Do I Handle a Challenging Board Member?

Day 30:  How do I handle a challenging board member.  As I have stated in several of these posts, just do what is right and it will all work out.  We will all have board members that can be a real challenge.  The cause will be everything from the personalities to mistrust.  Some issues you can control, others you can’t.  In most cases I would recommend you just ignore the problem.  That is ignore it by doing your job the best you can do it.  If you are doing your job and communicating well, you will have the support of the majority of your board.   Gosh can I make it much more simple?  Some things are just simple.  I could go several examples and help you with them, but in the end, you should not exert a whole lot of energy one board member.  Do your job and it will all work out.

I suppose you could be in a situation where you may not have a lot of time left to do your job because the board member is being aggressive about getting you out.  IF that would ever happen, which is unlikely than I strongly feel that you need to sit down the person and find out what the issues are.  I know some people won’t even meet with you because they don’t want to resolve the issue.  I would then ask your board President to sit down with the member and search for some answers.  But, as I have mentioned several times already, good communication will solve most of your problems.  Next:  How do I ask for a raise?

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