Day 34: Know Your Properties

Day 34:  Know you properties.  I am always amazed how little homework economic developers do to find out about the properties in their community or region.  Some time every single day should be carved out to learn more about your available properties.  Drive around town and write down the addresses and real estate agents names on each property.  Pick up the phone and call the agent and get acquainted with them and either visit over the phone about their listings, or better yet, invite them to you your office to go over them.  Then schedule a time to visit each building so you know firsthand the condition and see the any special features the building may have.  Many real estate agents are leery of ED pros.  I have never understood the concern.  Both of you want the buildings filled.  Once you have a good grasp on the properties, get them on your website.  Our favorite property database system, is LocationOne Information System.  It ties seamlessly into you website and is just so simple to use.  Know your properties inside and out and you will be very successful!  Next:  Should I take a vacation?

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