Day 36: We Have the Best Schools

Day 36:  We have the best schools.  I don’t want to offend anyone but most of our clients want us to highlight their great schools when we are designing a marketing plan.  While there are some bad schools in the world, there are actually a whole lot of great schools.  We push our clients to figure out what makes them unique.  Many times, we have to tell them what makes them unique.  I’m in Detroit right now, so think of your community as a car.  The big US three are constantly trying to make something unique about their cars. Technology has been the latest differentiators in the auto industry.  If a community really doesn’t have something that differentiates the community than we encourage our client to create one.  That could take years.  But, it is very important to find out what will make you unique. What are some unique features?  Interstate highway, cluster of like businesses, on a river or a lake; low taxes, headquarter located in your community; interesting geography, etc.  So, while, we understand you are proud of your schools we encourage you to think of other things that make you unique.  Next:  How important is leadership?

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