Day 37: How Important is Leadership?

Day 37:  How important is leadership? I talked a little about this earlier on Day 16.  There was a great example of a leader in a town in SE Iowa.  He owned the industrial parks in the town and was very aggressive.  He constantly stayed in touch with state officials including the Governor.  He would find out about a company and would immediately contact the top person.  We never could figure out how he knew about these projects.  But he was tireless.  Sure he made money on the sale of the land, but his projects also employed people in town.   He was a great leader to the community.  Unfortunately these sorts of people are hard to find today.  But you should always be on the lookout for someone that has the financial ability to make a difference.  You need to cultivate and encourage the person.  Every town has these sorts of folks.  But sometimes you need to just encourage them a little to help the community.  Next:  What are these entrepreneurs?

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