Day 39: What is the First Step in Building an Entrepreneurial Environment?

Day 39:  What is the first step in building an entrepreneurial environment?   This will be a short day.  The first step is to realize the importance of actually having a program.  You need to identify someone that is passionate about small business.  As with most activities you need a champion.  This person must be a small business owner.  The ecosystem must be led by small business.  It will not work if a chamber or economic development organization is the leader.  BUT, both organizations can play a key role and can in fact be in charge.  They must, however, turn the reins over to the small business world and let them run with the program.  The chamber or EDO can be the sponsoring organization; they just cant be the leaders.  You will find it is easy to find someone with the passion needed.  All you have to do is ask.  Next:  Is there help out there to build an entrepreneurial environment?

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