Day 42: Am I the Right Person for the Job?

Day 42:  Am I the right person for the job?  We just completed an executive search for one of client communities.  For this client they used a personality test to help them rank the top three candidates after the interviews were held.  As they went through this process it made me think about what is the ideal person.  Of course, it does depend partially on what the major goals of the organization are.  If you just want to do recruitment you need a great salesperson.  If you just focus on existing business and small business you want someone with a strong background in business.  But no matter the work involved a great economic development professional will have these attributes:

Strong sales skills:  After all they are always selling their town or region.

Extrovert:  Kind of goes with strong sales skills.  They really have to like people in this job.

Detail person:  This job does require a person that pays attention to the details.  If you dont than you need a mighty good administrator that will.

Problem solver:  The job is different every day and there are issues that pop up most weeks.  You must think fast on your feet and be open new ideas and ways of doing things. 

But the most important piece is be happy.  Enjoy your work. If you dont enjoy it, dont do it!

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