Day 43: When Should I Bring in Help?

Day 43:  When should I bring in help?  Sure, I like this topic as I am the help.  Today I was talking to a client that is having some serious issues with an economic development ally.  They are at an impasse.  While they can try to work it out, personalities sometimes cant be overcome after conflicts have gone on for a while.  In this case it would be best to bring in someone outside the region that does not have a bias and can look at the situation in a better light.  Since it is an economic development organization, they should bring in someone that understands economic development to facilitate.

The economic development profession, especially smaller organizations seem to have a mentality of not hiring a consulting firm to help them.  Why should they?  The local ED pro knows exactly what they need to do, right?  Actually they may know what they need to do.  But, they should have an open mind to other ideas and bring in someone that has been exposed to lots of other economic development organizations.  A consultant firm should always have best practices examples they can turn to.  Smart Solutions Group did a study several years ago about best practices in an organization.  The next several blogs will discuss each item that makes an economic development organization great.  Strangely enough the items will spell out BEST PRACTICES.  Next:  BEST PRACTICES

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