Day 45: Building

Day 45:  The first letter is “B” for Building.  Successful organizations are focused on building on their strengths and leveraging their assets effectively.  I have discussed the point of building in several of my earlier blogs.  Great organizations use the assets they have to build success.  One of communities is located on the Mississippi River.  Almost everyone in the world has heard of the Mississippi River.  Just like most people have heard of the Nile River and the Amazon River.  While there are several cities along the Mississippi, it is still a differentiator.  They have built a thriving tourism and convention business.  They have enticed businesses in need of barge transportation to their community.  They did not ignore the asset.  They embraced it.  Take a moment and look around.  What are your assets and are you capitalizing on those assets?  Next:  Evolving

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