Day 46: Evolving

Day 46:  Evolving:  Great organizations are constantly “evolving”….refining strategies, reallocating resources, rethinking their mission to maximize results.  If you keep doing the same thing every year, you will start to fall behind as an organization and community.  A great economic developer is constantly on the lookout for new tools, new priorities.  That is not to say that the main emphasis should not still be existing business, entrepreneurship and attraction.  But how you complete these activities should evolve.  With the advent of technology how we complete these priorities should be much different than how we completed them ten years ago.  Embrace technology.  Also, the successful group have an annual retreat, where they map out the next year.  If you have not pulled your board together for a retreat in a while, schedule it now.  This is a great exercise and can only make you look better and make your job easier when you have a plan to follow.  Next:  Studying


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