Day 49: Partnering

Day 49: Partnering,  We have completed the word, BEST and now moving to PRACTICES.  Successful organizations are continually exploring “mutually beneficial” partnerships that will leverage resources and maximize results.  I have discussed the concept of partnering in earlier days.  On Day 32 I mentioned the importance of working closely with the communities nearby.  Over the years I have worked with regional groups and have heard some of the funniest reasons one community does not work with another such as; sports rivalry, county seat was taken away; in fact in one county community leaders in a neighboring community snuck in in the dark of night and stole all the county records and moved the records to their community and declared themselves the county seat.  These two communities just don’t want to get along.  The interesting part was this happened in the 1880’s!  Typically the economic development pros understand the need to work with partners.  Lots of times it is the board that has the negative attitude about working with a nearby community.  This is where the ED pro needs to step up and educate the board members of the many benefits that can be derived from working together.  Resources are becoming too scarce to not work together.  Next: Representing

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