Day 50: Representing

Day 50:  Representing:  Best Practices organizations are always looking to reach deeply into all segments of the community for leadership, funding and involvement.  In case you haven’t noticed I feel pretty strongly that the composition of your board is very important.  They must be engaged and they must also understand their roles.  Very few organizations do any sort of board training.  When you bring on a new board member set up a meeting with them to go over the bylaws, expectations, and responsibilities.  Boards can be too involved and they can be too distant.  Sometimes it is hard to find that perfect spot.  Appointing strong leaders that are forward thinking will make a huge difference in getting your organization to be the best it can be.  The board needs to be diverse and representative of the business community.  We have worked with several clients that have “citizen representatives” as board members.  The board members really should be business owners or the highest level executive in a larger business.  It needs to be people that have the power to give you support from their company.  If you have a board full of privates instead of generals, you need to make a change as fast as you can.  Next: Assertive

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