Day 51: Assertive

Day 51:  Assertive:  Successful organizations are known throughout the community for who they are, where they stand and what they are trying to accomplish.  We would probably be out of a job if economic development organizations communicated better.   Some groups are so secretive I don’t know why they don’t just become part of the Mason’s.  Sure, when you are working with a company you can’t announce all of your dealings.  But, you can give the prospect a code name or number and show that you are working with them.  In some cases you can’t really describe in detail what you are working on because it could give away the company.  But, just having a prospect list should be just fine.  But most of your time is not devoted to prospect work.  All of that sort of work, such as meetings and conferences you attend; website work, site and building info and infrastructure improvements, can all be shared.  Write a monthly column in the local newspaper; speak at the service clubs; you get the idea.  Be involved in the community and communicate well and you will have plenty of support.  Next: Communicating

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