Day 52: Communicating

Day 52: Communicating:  Best Practices organizations place great emphasis on frequent, open and transparent communications and identify key messages for target audiences.   As I mentioned yesterday great communication is the key for success for an economic development corporation.  We have clients that say, we don’t want to bother our members.  True, you have to figure out just the right amount of contact.  But it is really hard to communicate too much.  In the old days a monthly newsletter was considered plenty of communication.  Now, it is recommended to tweet every day!  What a funny word, tweet.  But I digress.  You must get your message out and you must do it frequently.  Finding the time is the hard part.  But once you understand how important good communication is, then you will make it a priority.  If communication is not your strong point, than hire someone to do it for you.  It is just that important.  Next:  Targeting

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