Day 53: Targeting

Day 53:  Targeting:   Successful organizations realize that target marketing is an ongoing process that involves online sources, local marketing intelligence networks and emphasizes existing business opportunities.  I have already mentioned this topic several times in Day(s) 11, 15, 22.  I guess I can’t emphasize enough that in order for you to spend your time wisely, it is important to focus.  Focus on your mission, targets and existing businesses.  You should understand the needs of your targets, which includes your existing business, better than anyone else.  I love an app called Zite.  Type in your key targets and it will feed you any news related to the company or target.  It is a fabulous free tool that allows you to stay current.  The key point on this day is that your existing businesses are also your targets.  Some of you businesses may not be in the industry you are targeting, but you should definitely not ignore them.  All of your local businesses must be at the top of your target list.  Next:  Involving  

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