Day 54: Involving

Day 54:  Involving:  Best Practices organizations are actively seeking new volunteers with valuable expertise to carry out strategy. Keeping volunteers motivated by assigning manageable tasks with clear deadlines builds a ‘pipeline” of potential new leaders.  Over prior days we have discussed the importance of having good leaders.  But in most of the communities where we work there is a need to build those leaders.  Several communities have leadership programs.  If your community does not have one, then find someone that is willing to get one started.  This is a great program for chamber of commerce to get started.  We encourage our clients to take our plans and build committees or task forces.  The task forces typically have a start and end date to meet.  They should pull in folks that have not normally been involved in the organization.  You will be able to observe who cares and who follows through.  These are the folks you want to get on your board eventually.  We have found this to be the best source for new board members.  Because of their work on the task force or committee they become a known entity and you will feel more confident inviting them onto your board.  Next:  Competitive

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