Day 55:Competitive

Day 55: Competitive:  Best Practices organizations understand that they operate in a competitive environment. They set clear goals and are highly focused on success.  I was born to an Iowa farm couple.  Common sense is just a way of  life to me.  Most of our BEST PRACTICES words are just plain common sense.  But you would be surprised how few organizations actually do most of the things I am outlining.  All of our words are very important to an organization.  But knowing who you are and what you do best is pretty darn important.  We recently had an article written about one of our projects.  The Editor didn’t really agree with some of the points we made in our BEST PRACTICES study.  Fortunately we are all entitled to an opinion!  We drive hard the point of building on your strengths and knowing what you can and can’t do.  As you have picked up on we encourage our clients to view there community as a product.  The Editor didn’t agree that analogy.  But like Kleenex or Colgate, they know what they are best at and they keep improving and leading their industries.  Why shouldn’t a community do the same?  Next:  Endowing

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