Day 64: How Do I Make Contact?

Day 64:  How do I make contact?  No, I don’t mean with aliens.  I mean, how I contact a prospect.  If your community has targets as suggested earlier on Day 11, 15, 22, 53, then you will need to talk to a live person at some point.  As I have stated before economic development involves selling.  Lots of it in fact.   It means building relationships with the businesses in your targets.  The best way to make initial contact is to attend a trade show of one of your targets.  This means walking up and introducing yourself and start a conversation.  Many of us find this very hard to do.  If you aren’t able to do this, then you probably should change professions.  When you meet someone the key is to follow up with them.  Send them useful pieces of info once in a while.  Maybe something about the industry or a copy of an article their company may have been mentioned in.  Download the app Zite and set it up to follow the industry and that company.  That way you can stay up on the issues faced by the companies.  You need to become familiar with the business and get to know the people in the targeted industry.  Next: What should I measure?

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