Day 65: What Should I Measure?

Day 65:  What should I measure?   We feel it is very important for an organization to understand and measure their success.   So every plan we do is driven by the outcomes we identify.  The outcomes also should include measurements of success.  These measurements serve several purposes.  They keep the organization focused; they provide the backbone for your messaging; they give you the opportunity to show your success.  The outcomes are unique to each organization.  So the things you measure are determined by your outcomes.  For instance one outcome is to have an organization that is funded well by both private and public moneys.  The measurement is the funding goal you have set.  Another outcome may be to develop a targeted industry list.  The measurements are number of trade shows attended, or the size of the mailing list for your targets.  While this is not rocket science it is best to have an outside firm help you develop this list.  Especially if you are newer to the profession.  Having outcomes and measurements and working on these every day will guarantee you job security.  The business people on your board will appreciate this way of running the organization.  Next:  Economic development is a team sport.

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