Day 67: Do Virtual Buildings Matter?

Day 67:  Do virtual buildings matter?   In a competitive environment the company that gets to the market first tends to do better.  So, most companies want to have their facility up as fast as possible if they are in a competitive market so they can get their product in the hands of the client first.  So anything that will speed up this process will give your location an advantage.  If you have a building that meets their requirements you just saved them months of time.  But, there may not be a building out there that meets their needs in the geographic area they need to locate.  So, showing them a virtual building on a piece of land is the next best thing.  Not only do you need to have a nice graphic you need to take it the whole next step.  All of the permitting, ground study, utility access, everything needs to be identified and ready to go.  This could shave at least three months off of the building time.  Three months can make a big difference.  There are several firms that can create a virtual building, including us.  Check with a local contractor and see if they have the capability.  It typically will cost around $50,000 to design a basic virtual building.  Next:  How important are certified sites?

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