Day 70: Stop and Check Your Progress

Day 70:  Stop and check your progress:  Every day as an economic developer there is always something new and different for you to do.  A community is a growing changing entity and we get pulled in all sorts of directions.  In my work, I can get pulled in so many different ways as a small business owner and economic developer.  The last few months our firm was not focusing on marketing ourselves as we should.  We have taken the time now and are trying to do  better job of doing the right things to let people know about us.  We are sending out more emails; we have implemented a new CRM;  we are advertising on LinkedIn and Google; we are reaching out to old clients.  Of course, financial reasons gave us a wakeup call, but it also reminded us we need to stop and see if we are doing the right things.  Make sure you look at your strategic plan every week.  Are you following it?  Does something in it need to be tweaked?  Keeping to a plan will lead you to success.  Don’t let the daily work get in the way of making sure you are working smart.  Stop, check you plan, adjust.  Next:  Are my board meetings productive?

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