Day 72: Is Learning Important?

Day 72:  Is learning important?  Of course we all know it is important to continue to learn.  To be successful in any field you need to stay on top of trends and tools.  The best source for economic developers is to belong to your state-wide association.  They all offer at least yearly conferences presenting current topics.  Another good source of education is the International Economic Development Council.  They offer many books, seminars and two conferences.  As mentioned several times, you are typically the only person in your community that does what you do.  So, going to these conferences are most valuable because you can meet fellow professionals and ask lots of questions, find best practices, etc.  There are also lots of webinars out there.  Too many to list in this blog.  As I’m sure you know there is a professional designation.  I attended the courses but never completed the testing required for the certification.  If you decide to stay in this profession then you should probably get the professional designation, CEDc.  It will help you move up.  It is a rigorous program and takes a lot of preparation.  I have my personal reasons for not completing it.  The primary one was we decided we were happy in our community and I had no interest in moving around which is typically required to move up.  Some day, I may take the test just for the fun of it, but there is expense involved.  It is good before you accept a job that you ask your new employer if they will cover the cost of your continuing education and professional designation.   Whatever you do, keep learning.  Next:  What do I do with a person wanting to start a business?

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