Day 73:What Do I Do With a Person Wanting to Start a Business?

Day 73: What do I do with a person wanting to start a business?  When I first started as a Chamber Exec in Hampton, Iowa I would get someone stopping in once/month that had a great business idea.  The first three times it happened, I was so interested in their idea and became excited about their possible success.  I would get them information or send them to see someone that could help them.  But in every case the person would never follow-through with their plan.  I would never hear from them again.  I got discouraged fast.  So, if you have been in this business as long as I have, you know you can become jaded when you hear about a new business idea.  Fortunately my personality is such that I am always excited and interested in new business ideas or products.  Our firm probably starts too many new products because of this wonder I hold.  Wonder.   That’s the key.  Try to keep the wonder of your youth.  Every person that walks in the door could be the next Steve Jobs.  Even if they want to start a restaurant, they may be so successful that people come from miles to eat there and expose new people to your community. Here is a good article on what to look for in a good start up leader: Treat everyone that walks in the door with wonder.  Encourage them.   Help them grow.  Believe they can succeed.  Just don’t take it personally if they don’t always follow through.  Someone will.  Next:  How should we organize?

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