Day 79: Why Does Everyone Chase a Data Center?

Day 79:  Why does everyone chase a data center?  Three of our recent clients have been in the running for several of the big data centers that have been looking around.  They have landed some of them and we have learned from the experience.  They don’t typically employ a lot of people.  Most states have given up taxes for several years as an incentive.  So why the interest?  Utility companies love data centers.  They are very large consumers of electricity.  The few employees they do hire are paid very well.  Lastly, they all tend to be household name companies like Facebook, Google, Yahoo.  That grabs someone’s attention if you drive by the building and say,  “That is the Google campus.”  That does make an impression.  If you have a household name business in your community, you are missing an opportunity if you aren’t throwing those names around in your marketing materials.  Again, your existing businesses are your best asset.  Help them and utilize their presence.  Next:  How can I do a better job?

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