Day 81: Raising Money is Tough

Day 81:  Raising money is tough.  It doesn’t have to be.  Now the process to successfully raise money is hard work, but not tough.  If your organization is doing everything right, raising money is actually a breeze.  We have one client that exceeds their fundraising goals every time they go out for an ask because they are highly successful.  They are the “hot” organization in town.  People want to be on their board. Can you say the same?  To prepare to raise money, you need to have a great database of all the businesses in your community.  So, one of your first tasks when you start your job should be to make sure you have a great database.  It’s really hard to raise money when you don’t know who to ask.  So between being a successful organization and having a great database, you should not have any trouble raising money.  Good luck!  Next:  Rankings

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