Day 83: Stay Connected

Day 83:  Stay connected:  In most professions it is extremely important to stay connected to your customers/clients, peers, friends and family.  It is my observation that most people don’t reach out very often.  Or maybe it is just me and no one wants to contact me, which could very well be the case!   But with the technology we have today it is easier and more efficient to reach out.  If you are an economic development professional, keeping in contact with prospects, investors, board members and peers is extremely important.  Of course Facebook is great for family and friends.  It can be used for business, but I would suggest LinkedIn.  Twitter is a great way to stay connected as is good old fashioned email and (gasp) calling on the telephone.  I am old enough that I still prefer the telephone.  I am really surprised by how little my daughter in college talks on the phone.  If she has to talk to us in person she will talk on the phone but would prefer Skype or Facetime.  I personally don’t care for these two ways to communicate because of the poor quality of the video and the delay.  Once they work better, I think they will be a fabulous way to communicate.  I would encourage you to try to reach out to at least three different people every day.  Maybe it is a simple how are you doing, or did you watch the game last weekend?  Connecting with people is so vitally important that it should be a part of your work day.  Reach out to someone important in your business today.  It will pay huge dividends in the future.  Next:  What’s the best way to Tweet?

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