Day 85: Should I Use Facebook?

Day 85:  Should I use Facebook?   Facebook in the business world is not for everyone.  My wife and I also own a bed and breakfast.  Facebook makes sense for a B&B because we typically connect with our guests, because we have meaningful interaction at check-in and breakfast.  We also have many regular guests and they enjoy staying connected through Facebook.  Our Smart Solutions Group business, I have not been sold that Facebook is the best place for us.  Most people prefer to use Facebook for personal reasons.  Will you reach companies looking for expansions through Facebook.  Not likely.  But, part of your job is to communicate internally.  Internally in this case means board members, investors and the community as a whole.  Facebook makes sense for and economic development organization and most definitely for a Chamber of Commerce.  You will have regular citizens “like” your page because they care about your community.  When someone “likes” your Facebook page, you may want to see who they are.  They have obviously expressed an interest in your organization and the community.  They could be a potential volunteer!  So, yes, you should use Facebook.  But you must have a plan and schedule in place for the content.  Next: Are there some neat tools out there for us?

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